Double your productivity

Eliminate pain and RSI

Start coding like a superhero

Advanced voice-control Platform

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Double your productivity

 On anything from emails to kernel code

Your voice is the most efficient way to communicate. VoiceCode is a concise spoken language that controls your computer in real-time. When writing anything from emails to kernel code, to switching applications or navigating Photoshop – VoiceCode does the job faster and easier. 

VoiceCode is different from other voice-command solutions in that commands can be chained and nested in any combination, allowing complex actions to be performed by a single spoken phrase.

By taking advantage of your brain’s natural aptitude for language you can control your computer more efficiently and naturally. It really feels like you’re in the future!

Eliminate pain and RSI

The origin of VoiceCode

This project was born out of my own injury from keyboard overuse (a.k.a. programming). My RSI was so bad my hands constantly ached from my fingertips all the way up to my elbows. I could barely even hold a fork to eat with – I feared I would have to stop programming. I tried every keyboard and peripheral device imaginable (data hand, ergonomic keyboards, squishy iPad keyboards, Leap Motion, cherry brown switches, even mapping the QWERTY layout onto a MIDI piano keyboard, and everything else) with no luck - it kept getting worse. Then I tried Dragon Dictate. It was AWESOME . . . except . . . it was nearly impossible to write code using dictation or discrete commands. I started tweaking it to do what I wanted, creating tens of thousands of custom commands and vocab terms, but it was too much work to add every command and possibility that I needed.

Then came my “Aha moment” – and the VoiceCode speakable meta control-language was born. This project is the culmination of my last 3 years spent developing this language. It ACTUALLY WORKS for writing code in ANY programming language (plus it’s good for WAY more than just programming). I’m happy to report that my RSI is now gone and I control my computer and write code at blazing speeds for as long as I want . . . with no pain.

Start coding like a superhero

Leave physical limitations behind

Once you abstract your control of the computer away from the standard keyboard and mouse, limitless possibilities start to unfold. Your mind starts thinking in terms of what results it is trying to achieve, rather than what steps it needs the computer to perform in order to achieve those results. Because our brains are perfectly adapted for language expression, complex series of commands begin to flow with almost no thought required.

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The Vision

We're creating the de-facto platform for performing complex computer tasks by voice command.

The mission is to eliminate computer injuries while INCREASING productivity and pushing the boundaries of computer-interaction and automation.

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